In Service
To Our Nation

Our Mission

At the intersection of academia and government, the Laboratory for Telecommunication Sciences (LTS) cultivates and promotes a collaborative environment, partnering with academia, industry, other government laboratories, and the Intelligence Community. We conduct both classified and unclassified advanced networking and computing research, and explore the implications of new communications domains. Research here is a fluid process, with project emphasis rapidly changing to address new discoveries in communications disciplines and the National Security threat environment. Our goal at the LTS is to ensure that our research enhances NSA’s missions of being codemakers and codebreakers. Success = Mission Impact!

Who We Serve

Our researchers work at the cutting edge of technology, with the primary missions of protecting the American people and informing our Nation’s leaders. Products of our research have made it into the hands of the President of the United States; we are advancing the state of the art, we are scientific and we are impactful. Our research goes places, and you can too.


The Laboratory for Telecommunication Sciences has a long-established, collaborative research relationship with the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS). UMIACS excels in the interdisciplinary applications of computing, and the research partnership between LTS and UMIACS provides LTS with access to the University of Maryland’s (UMD) outstanding research faculty, post-docs and graduate students. It enables numerous collaborative research projects between LTS researchers and UMD researchers in the areas of telecommunications and data analytics relevant to LTS’s national security mission.